Breast Mate

- June 15, 2011 2 MIN READ

We look at Brooke Nicol and her company [Oogy Baby] and their new invention – Breast Mate


Breast mate background

As a full time working mum of a toddler, breast feeding my new baby was difficult.  I was tired of losing my pen, paper and wrist band which I used to help me remember on which side I had last fed.  I decided there must be an easier way. breast mate aims to help alleviate stress associated with breast feeding.  breast mate is an all in one first to market baby product.  It’s a timer and recording device that captures when your last feed was, what breast side your baby finished feeding on, how long baby fed for and how many feeds in a 24hr period.  All information downloads to your computer to highlight baby’s feeding patterns.  breast mate also includes a colour changing room thermometer, nightlight and alarm clock.  breast mate was designed by a mum for mums and is the perfect mate to help care for loved ones.

Inspiration behind my business and why I started

No-one tells you breastfeeding can be difficult.  There is this political silence about the practicalities associated with breastfeeding an often nothing to help.  After searching for means to alleviate my frustration with no success, I decided to invent my own product.

My biggest challenge and how I have overcome it

My biggest challenge has been developing the product with financial constraints, no knowledge of the industry and being a time poor mum. I have had to learn every aspect of product development, patents, design, software development, website design, distribution, freight, export and marketing/PR.   I addressed each challenge by educating myself through existing and developing resources and contacts.   I took my time in ensuring that I did not rush into anything and asked as many questions as I could to make sure I understood every aspect of product development.

What I love about my business.

I love that Oogy Baby is my business and I have brought breast mate to market on my own.  I love making my own decisions and learning from my own mistakes. Overall, I love my product and I love that I can help new mums.  I think it is just fantastic.

Value proposition and my point of difference

breast mate offers multiple functions in the one unit providing mums with a strong value proposition.  By combining a breast feeding recorder and timing device with a colour changing room thermometer, night light and alarm clock it is saving mums from buying 4 separate items.  With a RRP of $79.95, if mum was to buy each item separately it would cost approx $300. Additionally, as breast mate encompasses interchangeable face plates it allows mum to change the face plate for a different baby.  Once mum stops feeding the face plate also makes it the perfect nursery accessory as a cute night light.   This provides value by providing longevity in the product after its initial use as a timing device is not required.