Boycotting Dodgy Service

- June 30, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Fiona Adler and Brad Bond started WOMOW.com.au in 2007 and since then it has grown to be Australia’s leading business reviews site. 

WOMOW stands for Word Of Mouth On the Web and it’s a place where consumers review the businesses they use, and find out what businesses are really like – based on their customers’ experiences.  It’s like the Yellow Pages, only better because it’s the only way to find the great businesses and avoid the dodgy!

The idea for WOMOW came about when Fiona was undertaking some home renovations and needed lots of tradespeople – but wanted ones that came recommended from real customers.  Suddenly it became obvious that online reviews would be incredibly valuable for lots of business types – everything from hairdressers to restaurants, wedding venues to dentists, accountants to vets, and of course, tradies.

At first Brad and Fiona pestered friends and family to review all of the businesses they used – and that first 1000 reviews was like pulling teeth!  But soon, momentum kicked in and WOMOW now has 175,000 reviews!  And this growth continues to accelerate with reviews growing by 85% in the last 12 months.

The best thing is that WOMOW not only helps consumers, but it’s helping thousands of great businesses stand out based on their customer service.  When people read positive reviews, it builds an enormous amount of trust and confidence in the business.  Plus, the unique content contained in the reviews help businesses get found in search engines – so it’s a great way for businesses to be found online and build a fantastic online reputation.

In 2010, WOMOW was awarded by MyBusiness and ANZ as Australia’s Best Start-up.