Book Review: Herding Monkeys by Nigel Collin

- June 22, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Being an entrepreneur and a leader in a sales organisation, I am always looking for ways to tap into the hidden talents that I know exist within the members of my team.

In his latest book Herding Monkeys – Nigel Collin explores how to lead and inspire creative people. The book is broken down into three main topics of discussion; Premise, People and In Practice. This makes it very easy to digest and reflect on each part of the book before moving onto the next topic.

For me as a manager when Collin talks about certain topics such as allowing your team members to take creative risks, it really get’s you thinking about past situations between myself and my staff and reflect on my behaviour at that time and see that engagement is all about empowerment. How much money could I possibly have missed out on in my business by not empowering my colleague and trusting their creative instincts in a particular area?

One of my favourite parts of the book are the side notes that appear frequently throughout the pages, it gives the impression that the author has re-read his work and really highlighted the most important points, or phrases and ideas that will really get you thinking.

An easy and informative read that should only take you three or four nights, I suggest that Herding Monkeys should be read whilst thinking of your team and ways you can utilise their creative talents to yield you commercial results.