Buerilla.com, a new startup that’s got the industry talking.

- June 5, 2011 2 MIN READ

The startup community has been hearing word about a new tech startup called Buerilla that will be officially launching during Small Business Month this year. We thought we would track them down and get some information ahead of time.

Buerilla; is an unconventional, interactive points based site; designed to encourage experts in their field or industry to share rich quality information and events.

What does that mean for you?

It means you can tap into rich resources or required information through content on the website, booking time with key people or securing tickets to events via the Buerilla Website all for your Gorillas.

What is a Gorilla and how do you get them?

The Buerilla website rewards you with Gorillas for each contribution and interaction on the site, this platform adheres to the philosophy of; the more rich information you give, the more expert knowledge you can tap into.

You can start earning Gorillas today on Buerilla; by simply setting up a profile, joining a group, commenting on the forum, creating an event, answering questions, commenting on the blogs and giving us feedback in the polls… there are hundreds of ways to earn gorillas.

The sooner you join, the more points you will start accumulating.

What are you going to do with all your Gorillas?

Use your Gorillas; to acquire effective business skills, new ideas and strategies, which enable you to grow your business and deliver more results in your work place.

Use your Gorillas today

Book a one on one person meeting with the Networking Coach, or any one of the Experts on Buerilla ready to share their time for Gorilla’s.

Book into a workshop, seminar or event with a leading authority near you

You can also use your Gorillas to promote your business through our in house advertising platform.

So what makes Buerilla so dynamic?

Buerilla was started for 3 core reasons

Firstly, with trillions of search results on google and millions of twitter feeds every minute, the web is filled with FREE information with little meaning; at Buerilla your Gorillas give you access to information, events and interactions of quality and importance. Your gorillas give you access to people and information previously unavailable or unattainable.

Secondly, how do you get someone to value your time, experience and information, without having to charge them? Whether you are just sharing your experiences over coffee or holding a big event, Buerilla is a platform that allows you to setup events, whether one on one coffee or seminars for 500 people, and charge Gorilla’s. Effectively Buerilla places a value on your time, knowledge and expertise. You can then go use your well earned gorillas to learn and engage with other experts.

Thirdly, Buerilla fills that all important task of putting the right kind of bums on seats and promoting your events, without having to use the “FREE Ticket” tag. Stop under valuing your events, your expertise and time, by simply giving your knowledge away for free. Add value by charging Gorillas for your next event, which you can use to gain knowledge and skills in other areas, that you are not an expert in, to grow your business further.

Sign Up today and complete your profile today to earn 100 gorillas….that’s $100 worth in information and events today!