Barology, Mixing things up…

- June 7, 2011 2 MIN READ

Barology allows people to check out reviews and view the bars latest information on things such as happy hours and menus. It also will be a way for nightlife adventurers to seek out what is popular and meet people through the site.

The idea of Barology came to Paul Somers whilst sharing some cocktails with friends and thinking and discussing that there was no great source of information on Sydney’s nightlife venues. Around the same time, a number of small bars were starting to appear in Sydney, which he says dramatically changed the landscape of Sydney’s nightlife scene. “We used to be a city of big clubs, doof doof music and overpriced drinks without even a site of food on the menu. This has slowly been changing since 2009 and I think we’re now on the verge of a cultural revolution”.

“The website idea came to fruition in Late 2009 when I was joined by my business partner and web developer, Leishi… We work well as a team due to our joint commitment and passion to Barology. We hope that Barology will turn into the biggest revolution to hit the liquor industry in a long time.”

Barology are not only focused on the social, fun and interactive aspects of the site. Somers want Barology to be technologically advanced. He believes this industry is perfectly suited to leveraging from new technology and social media.

Barology is built on the back of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter yet it’s important difference from these popular social media sites is that it focuses on only one subject –nightlife activity in the Barology community.

The website provides a platform to facilitate meaningful conversations amongst Barologists , socialites, happy-go-lucky party goers and venues in order to provide useful information and allow people to go out, meet new people, and enjoy unique experiences all around Sydney.

“It’s unique because we are exposing our website to the “risks” of social media. Whilst large companies are fearful of comments placed on their websites and they have patrols of people moderating and controlling content, we’re all about providing members of the Barology community with open and free conversation. If a venue is superb, then we believe it should have Barologist’s full support yet if it’s not so great we expect, and even encourage, people to place comments and reviews accordingly.We’re excited for what comes next as the site is really picking up pace and building a great community. We have just released our first video which featured Absinthesalon. The videos help bring a venue to life and allows Barologists to experience the bar before they even get there. We will be releasing videos throughout the year to display the best of Sydney’s nightlife.”

To check out the bar videos or learn more about Barology visit www.barology.com.au.