An Alternative Fundraising Campaign

- June 21, 2011 2 MIN READ

Agoo offers an alternative fundraising campaign for pre-school and childcare centres that also supports sun smart and activity policies.

Chocolate drives raise lots of money, but do they send the right messages in relation to healthy eating?  We know who ends up buying and eating most of the chocolate don’t we? The parents!

Kids in childcare get hot, sweaty and exposed to the sun, get messy and not to mention getting covered in paint. That’s what we send them for, right? And their clothes get wrecked too!

Agoo doesn’t just want to sell kids clothes, we want to affect change in the sun protection and activity levels of kids.  Kids wear uniforms to school, why not in the years before at childcare and pre-school? We hope that by spreading the sun smart message early kids will live to enjoy even longer and more active lives.

So much better than a chocolate fundraiser!!!

Agoo’s stain resistance and sun protection properties, as well as the wick away feature, makes our activewear the perfect clothing for out of home care at childcare or pre-school. We are excited to have created a fundraising campaign that won’t rot anyone’s teeth.

Participating venues have the choice of offering the items at cost making them super affordable and encourage ALL families to be sun smart, or increasing the cost per item by an amount of their choice to raise funds. Therefore controlling the percentage of profit and total of fundraising target you achieve.

Agoo is offering this program at heavily discounted prices below recommended retail prices so that you can still add a margin and still make this a very affordable and attractive fundraising idea.

We also offer generous profit sharing on orders parents place on our website as well.

We’ve made ordering and payment as simple as possible so the hard working staff and parent committees have little to do.

The campaign has been well received, especially in the northern states of Australia where the summers are longer and the sun more harsh.

One centre in particular is considering increasing child care fees by a nominal amount so that each child in care will be provided with a sun smart uniform. That’s what we call sun smart!