When the Amazing Race meets The Apprentice.

- May 23, 2011 2 MIN READ

Last Friday three teams from three universities [USYD, UNSW and UTS] battled it out for the first ever Entrepreneurial Chase to be held in Australia. Niklas Olsson who bought the event over from Sweden says that the event is designed to teach young entrepreneurs how to shift ideas into solutions, by getting them to solve real problems and tasks for Australian companies.

Mexican food giant Zambrero’s, Arcade Screen Printing and one of Australia’s leading Agricultural Science Companies were the three sponsors setting various marketing, strategy and communication challenges to the team’s throughout the day. With them all saying they were presented with some great innovative and out of the box solutions by the participants on the day.

The winning team from UTS consisted of Sean Marshall, Scott Cowley and Nikki Durkin, who herself is one of Australia’s leading online fashion entrepreneurs with her company 99 dresses being very well known in the fashion industry and on the startup scene.  Cowley recalls one of the best parts of the day as that feeling of euphoria as he was running out the door knowing his team had just nailed a pitch and was moving onto the next one.

“Being entrepreneurial is a state of mind, you don’t have to want to start your own company to be entrepreneurial, you can be like this working from within a business” says Olsson of the message behind the chase.

The Entrepreneurial chase will be on again in Sydney this September and it will be open to anyone aged 18-26 years of age. Olsson promises more companies, bigger challenges and 10 teams!

Considering that one of the main prizes of the entrepreneurial chase is to get to go and speak with the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter in Silicon Valley in the past, this is something you will want to be a part of.

For more information check out www.entrepreneurialchase.com