Today I don’t feel like doing anything…

- May 18, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

In 2009 Anna Van Lieshout founded Pouch Clothing. She has tapped into a niche in the market and has gained a loyal following from markets and strong online sales of the garments. So what is Pouch Clothing exactly?


The “Pouch” is a funky one piece luxury fleece jumpsuit or “onesie” not just for kids, but adults too! Extremely popular with all ages across both genders this product is perfect for curling up at the end of the day at home or to take away on your next holiday, skiing, camping and festivals or after surfing and swimming. Anywhere you need warmth and comfort.


The online store means that Anna is working 6-7 days to keep up with stock and then she sells the product at the markets on the weekend. If you head over to www.pouchclothing.com you can WIN yourself a pouch this month.

Personally I think this product is much more attractive than the snuggie and to be honest they look kind of fun. After all that is what life should really be about. I think I might get myself a grey one… Thoughts?