Tampons, Going head to head with the Big Brands!

- May 23, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

As the founder of T.O.M organic tampons Aimee Marks is literally going head to head with some of the worlds leading fem. hygiene brands with a disruptive solution. The average woman uses over 12,000 tampons over a lifetime and conventional brands are commonly made from a blend of plastics, bleaches and synthetics. Something that women are beginning to pay real attention to and are now seeking a safer chemical free alternative.

T.O.M stands for Time Of Month and is the only Australian Certified Organic tampon brand on the market – made from certified organic cotton only. www.tomorganic.com.au

This month they were officially signed as the tampon sponsor of choice for the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. Marks could not be more thrilled to be associated and help to raise awareness for this very important cause.

Currently they are distributed by Australia’s leading health food distributor Kadac – which will see them grow into all IGA, Thomas Dux and health food stores in VIC, TAS, NSW and QLD.

They are also affiliated with Miranda Kerr through her personal KORA blog. They have been invited to write for her to share more about T.O.M – Miranda uses organic tampons and is supportive of all things natural and organic.

Check out the blog here: http://www.koraorganics.com/blog/live-in-my-skin/all-things-organic/organic-certification/it’s-what’s-on-the-inside-that-counts-at-that-‘time-of-month’/

On a personal note and not being a tampon user myself, (obviously) after speaking in depth with Aimee about the differences between organic cotton based tampon’s and some of the other brands on the market, I think that she has bought something to market that is not only catering to a demographic that actively seeks these types of products, but she has created something that has massive long term health benefits for women.