Men with Presence.

- May 24, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Edwina Gleeson is a 40 year old RN that couldn’t find any business in shirts in the luxury and quality she desired for her husband in larger sizes of 46cm so she has created her own boutique fashion line for ‘Men with Presence’, sizes 46cm to 52cm.

Their products are high end, crafted using finely honed european techniques that are stylish and sophisticated, using only 100% 2 ply superfine cotton.

The business idea was conceived in 2008 and opened for business 2011, Gleeson is extremely passionate about dressing these men who are discriminated in mainstream retail. She wanted to provide styles and choices that other sizes offer in other retail outlets. At the same time she also wanted to ensure she was providing an experience of comfort and ease when ordering online and the product being delivered to their home or office

Max Gabriel’s motto is ‘Unifying style with excellence’ and that is Gleeson’s promise.

Personally I am a huge fan of a nice looking shirt on a person in business, and I think that the quality of these shirts are fantastic.

Check out the range at www.maxgabriel.com.au