Getting yourself customer centric.

- May 25, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Organisations are now recognising the importance of the customer for future growth and prosperity and are directing increased emphasis and investment on customer retention and delivering enhanced customer value. By using customer data, they can better understand the clients needs and behaviours, and take action on these accordingly.

Portrait Dialogue from Pitney Bowes Business Insight, enables organisations to produce compelling customer interactions which are customer focused rather than line of business focused and engage each customer individually, whenever and wherever the customer chooses to interact.

Basically what this means is: If you have a customer call your business wanting to cancel a contract, you will have all the basic information on that person, you may even have records that she called last week and notes have been left on the account. Usually one would just go ahead with this limited information and ask further questions to narrow down solutions and clarify which one suits the customer best. However, with this Portrait technology, you will be able to see everything, including the fact that the customer sent a tweet out last night saying they were frustrated when calling your company as all you do is ask questions and never solve any issues. Information like this is gold and turns your agents into sales stars, as they are basically led by the software the best way to solve issues that arise.

So if you are serious about being customer centric and want a great campaign management tool visit www.pbinsight.com.au