Freedom & Coffee

- May 17, 2011 2 MIN READ

After 14 years of sitting behind a desk and working as the head of risk at the risk and trade management organisation Coface, Marcus Allchin decided it was time to start taking business matters into his own hands within a less stressful environment. In November 2010, he made an unexpected career change when he introduced the Australian-born Cafe2U, the world’s biggest coffee franchise, to the Homebush Bay Area.

Marcus’ new venture was stimulated by “a combination of the desire to become the best family man I could ever be and my love for fresh air and freedom.”

“It has given me that personal space and freedom I craved. My wife and I recently became parents of two beautiful children and I would like to be there for the majority of their up-bringing. By being confined to a desk for more than ten hours a day, including the hours I used to spend travelling to and from work, I missed many precious hours that I could be spending with my young ones” said Marcus.

After researching online and looking at factors like franchise costs, he had a feeling that Cafe2U was the right investment decision to make.

“The best thing is that it gives me the freedom to choose my own destiny and work the hours that suit me. The ability to be able to start work early and finish earlier frees up the majority of the afternoon.”

The move has not only proven to be a successful one for his own well being, but his new coffee run is also proving to be a hit with locals as he covers the Homebush Bay business district area, servicing a variety of businesses from small to multi-national companies.

“The response has been wonderful. I have only been in operation for a couple of weeks and I seem to be servicing more businesses by the week. We obviously offer an established product and customers have responded by providing positive word of mouth to their friends and family.

“I take a lot of pride in my work and place great importance on producing the right coffee. If it isn’t perfect I’ll know and suggest to the customer that I make them another one”

For more information about Cafe2U, visit www.cafe2u.com.au