Condoms, Beer, Media, Marketing, Really??

- May 23, 2011 2 MIN READ

Some might ask, what do Stephen Wools and Josh Lefers actually do? The more appropriate question would be, what don’t they do?

Combining Lefers and Wools was always going to be interesting – a commune-raised Renaissance History major with frenetic energy and impossible drive (Lefers) and a thespian with business sensibility and a mysterious way of being incredibly likable without ever trying (Wools).

Initially making a name for themselves with Big Dog Creative and Big Dog Entertainment, the twin-concept companies were just the start of what has now become a multi-faceted idea vibrating on a whole different frequency.

The Big Dog dream kicked off with the creation of music and sports events meshed with high-profile new brands. The inclusion of artists, performers and out-there ideas earned the boys a name for themselves as creators of energetic and engaging experiences.

Since those early beginnings Wools and Lefers have ventured into agency land, building a successful advertising company that bleeds new life into the creative world.

When yelling ‘tally – ho’ with their Big Dog companies, Wools and Lefers can be found designing, producing and marketing for their own brewing company ( East 9th Brewing) and condom (Legends). At 28 (Wools) and 33 (Lefers) they are in fact the youngest owners of a condom company in the world.

Legends condom is noted for, among other things , a unique vintage look tin and interestingly enough the fact they are a viable shag friendly option for vegans.

Doss Blockos, the first product from East 9th Brewing is a pale lager formulated from a recipe discovered and embedded in the New York squatting culture in 1990’s. Linked heavily to the arts and culture of that time you’re unlikely to ever see Doss Blockos in the hand of someone who doesn’t live and breath art.

These boys love what they do and it shows, bringing enthusiasm, creativity and seemingly limitless bounds to everything they touch.

The vibrant energy of the pair is reflected in the workspace they have created for their 20 + team of designers, artists, event managers and production gurus. Whether it’s the indoor skate ramp, the bar, the green screen production space or the in-built café, it’s a high energy, high-functioning adult playground where ideas are formulated and stuff simply gets done.

Echoing the JFK sentiment of ‘some people ask why, I ask why not’, Big Dog and their boy geniuses are just starting to break a stride.

Sickening isn’t it? I bet they are even good to their mothers.

Check them out www.bigdog.com.au