Certificates Online

- May 3, 2011 < 1 MIN READ


Certificatesonline is a document filing and retrieval service for time poor people, who wish to obtain their full original birth, marriage, family death certificates and legal change of name certificates. They deliver, to their front door, home or work, legally certified certificates and when urgent, within 24 hours – guaranteed. “People do not wait in queues when using us, there is no hassle of parking or catching public transport, its very simple, people just get online at www.certificatesonline.com.au or call us on 1300 CHANGE. There is no other service of its kind’.

To put it into context, if a new parent who has just welcomed the birth of their baby, doesn’t have the time or energy to get the child’s birth certificate, the business spare’s them the red tape and process, by doing it all for them instead. Another case might be when people are experiencing a divorce and the woman wants to revert back to her maiden name and legally change her name for a brand new start, they arrange this immediately, without any delays and walk her through the procedure. Solicitors, Mortgage brokers, stay at home parents, full time corporates, travellers, people getting married, renewing licences, enrolling kids in school, needing proof of age, opening a bank account and so many more can use Certificates Online at the click of a mouse – and they are finding more and more that people no longer want to waste their valuable time, when they can just flick it to someone else as an alternative.