Book Launch: Herding Monkeys

- May 30, 2011 < 1 MIN READ


Nigel Collin empowers business executives with the tools necessary to lead creative-minded individuals in “Herding Monkeys: How to Lead Creative Talents of Your People and Get Commercial Results”

So why is this book called HERDING MONKEYS? After over a decade of working within the creative sector, Collin realized that success come from tapping into employees’ gifts and talents.” Leading creative people is like herding monkeys. They seem to be all over the place, off in a world of their own. But they’re also very communal and enjoy hanging out with other creative types. They’re brilliant at slinging stuff; they’re always throwing ideas, designs, and concepts around. They are incredibly smart. And you need them, as much as they need you.”

Collin believes that a great leader must focus on three things to achieve commercial success: herding monkeys, creating zoos and shooting ducks. Herding monkeys, the book’s primary focus, involves developing leadership skills that inspire people to think, feel and act differently than most. Creating zoos is about having a strategy for building a culture and environment that supports and engages creativity, while shooting ducks explains how to focus on the right ideas and how to execute them.

“It’s important to support and nurture the mavericks and thought leaders of a business,” Collin said. “They’re the ones in a business that help you beat out the competition, bring about change, fuel the innovation pipeline and ultimately drive the overall performance and success.”

Rather than viewing creativity as a hard-to-control quality, Collin seeks to show business leaders how to get in the driver’s seat of their employees’ process. He provides them with the necessary skills so that they might become more connected to their jobs and their success.