Beer with a Difference.

- May 31, 2011 2 MIN READ

Geoff Huens talks about his business Beer Cartel and what we can expect to see from this startup in the future:

From a young age I was always into running some type of “business”, whether it be a weekend lemonade stand, mowing neighbours lawns or delivering news papers. The difference here is that I really love the product!

The idea for Beer Cartel came about in 2005 but I didn’t act on anything until 2009. My heritage is from Belgium and after a trip to see family in 2007 my eyes were re-opened to good quality beers. When I came back at the tail end of 2007 I decided to go back into the corporate world of consumer research to save up the funds to start up Beer Cartel. After a couple years I gave the corporate world the flick and started fulltime on Beer Cartel.

Beer Cartel started its life purely as an online retailer so that the waters could be tested without investing too much time and money into a bricks and mortar shop. With the business being started with only personal funds this was a good way to get into the market. After 18 months of online trading it was evident that the emerging craft beer market was only going to continue to grow, as a result Beer Cartel purchased a retail premise in Artarmon, Sydney. Acquiring the premises has meant the business can easily compliment its online offer with a bricks and mortar venue where craft beer lovers can come in, have a chat and browse.

The vision for Beer Cartel is to become Australia’s premier beer bottle shop, offering customers the opportunity to sample great quality beers that they would be unlikely to find in their local bottle shop.

Some statistics on the company

– Beer Cartel website (www.beercartel.com.au) receives approximately 1500 unique visitors a week, which increases significantly during peak periods like Fathers Day and Christmas

– For the calendar year 2011 Beer Cartel is forecast to grow 200% from 2010 figures – Aside from great craft beers from Australia and overseas, Beer Cartel also offers a diverse range of craft beer products, including beer experiences, a monthly beer club, beer hampers & packs and merchandise

What can we expect to see from the company in the future

– Development of an ever increasing product range with lots of hard to find international beers, from Europe, New Zealand,    United States, Norway, Belgium, Denmark and Canada.

– Ever increasing beer knowledge offered from sales staff with an unrivalled customer service experience.

– Becoming Sydney’s premier “bricks and mortar” beer store and Australia’s leading premier beer store online.

– Introducing a 3 hour express delivery service in Sydney metro area – Beer nights and tasting events


Head on over and check it out at www.beercartel.com.au