A New way to Engage Retail Store Traffic.

- May 29, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

MiiBrand is a flexible website and iphone app designed specifically to engage with shoppers, and increase your retail store traffic. It allows you to deliver real-time, targeted and customised offers, taking advantage of mobile GPS to reach shoppers when they come within range of your stores.

Regular participation and engagement is encouraged by rewarding MiiBrand members for taking actions such as “checking-in” at your stores, sharing your latest offers via social networks and providing you with valuable insights about your brand.

MiiBrand can help you increase customer loyalty, increase store traffic and ultimately increase revenue for your business.

While other online and mobile solutions are driving shoppers out of your stores, MiiBrand is driving them back into the stores where they can try on your clothes and get real customer service.

MiiBrand has just recently been named in the 2011 Anthill Smart 100 for Innovation.

Check out the site at www.miibrand.com.au