3 things Startups can Learn from Lady Gaga.

- May 30, 2011 2 MIN READ

First of all let me begin by letting you know that I don’t consider myself a little monster, I think arriving on a red carpet in an egg is stupid and that new song Hair is all a little bit meh for me to be honest. But I do admire Gaga. You can tell she is the most passionate, determined and focused individual in the music business at the moment, and her recent listing as the most powerful celebrity on the Forbes list supports that.

So what the hell does she have to do with a startup business? Well music is a business and Gaga herself is a brand that has built herself from being a performer at scummy New York clubs that smelt like urine to be one of the most famous influential people in the world. In my opinion there are three key things that have got her there and they are the three things that I think startups should take note of as they apply to any business.

1. Lady Gaga is an individual.

In business we often try to ensure that our company stands out, that our product has that unique selling point that will make others want it more than our competitors. Gaga does this extremely well she isn’t another pop star, she is a disruptive model of sorts in the industry and this is what you should be aiming for when starting up your business.

2. Lady Gaga is consistently relentless.

Most startups will create a site or product, build hype around this and BOOM the launch day comes, a bit of fuss is made and then the hype dies down. Gaga releases a new song or product as soon as the last one starts to die down, she constantly raises the bar and has a new product offering happening for her customers all the time. Startups need to think like this, what are other ways you can package your offering to gain new customers and what other offerings can you give your existing clients so they remain customers and you continue to grow revenue?

3. Lady Gaga LOVES her fans.

Customers and Clients are our number one priority, they pay the bills! Hug them and show them love and they will do the same in return – Pretty Simple really…

Writing this article has got me thinking about the next set of offerings for Shoe String readers now… What are you going to do in your business?