27 year old Mumpreneur starts to Franchise Learning Centres

- May 24, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Tina Tower is 27 years old and she owns and runs Begin Bright. Begin Bright is an early learning and primary program designed to make learning fun for children. She currently has three company owned centres, five licensed centres and they are just starting to franchise! Towers a mother of two young children has the work life balance thing down pat as well – she works three 12-15 hour days a week so that four days of the week she can spend being a Mum and living a great lifestyle with her two children, 3 year old Kai and 1 year old Cohen.

Begin Bright programs are based on the curriculum of each state and are designed to make learning for children fun and interactive. Work is set out clear and simple, making it easy for teachers, students and parents to understand and ensure children are where they should be academically. All concepts are presented in a workbook and supported by concrete materials, making it easy for children to learn and enjoy!

Begin Bright is starting to become well known in the early education marketplace and is seen by parents and teachers as a valuable resource to help give kids that head start or extra assistance. With kids being the future of our nation and parents more concerned than ever about their children’s education, Tower has found a great niche which is going to see her brand grow in leaps and bounds over the next 12 months.

Find Begin Bright online at www.beginbright.com.au