Allergy Riders

- March 30, 2011 2 MIN READ

Sometimes it’s hard to be the life of the party when you suffer from a food allergy. Other guests dive into the party food with gusto while you’re left checking ingredients or bringing your own food from home. Sure it’s better than no party at all, but when you’re a kid you just want to do the same as your friends are doing… Well thanks to Amy Dowling, founder of Allergy Riders, now you can!

Allergy Riders is a fun and simple food labelling system, and for allergy sufferers it’s bringing the life back into parties. Using brightly coloured cupcake baking cups and food flags, Allergy Riders takes the stress out negotiating a food buffet. Guests who have allergies can simply choose food with the appropriate coloured flag or cake cup, and enjoy!

“These groovy baking cups and food flags are ideal for party hosts, parents of young allergy sufferers, gluten free bakeries and caterers.” Amy explains, “Each colour alerts guests to food that is nut free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and so on. In total there are 7 different alerts.”

Through clever use of both words and colours to denote each allergen, Allergy Riders allows adults and children to easily identify safe foods amongst a party buffet. Kids with allergies can enjoy full participation in a much loved celebratory pastime – eating delicious party food!

“With the incidence of childhood allergies on the rise, the demand for improved food labelling is ever increasing, even in the domestic setting.” Amy explains, “Allergy Riders products are becoming a must-have item for party supplies stores as parents take a more allergy-aware approach to their catering and party planning.”

 And the verdict for Allergy Riders is already in. Parents in the know are heaping praise on this clever, festive and potentially life saving concept.

“As Mum of a child with nut allergies, party invitations generate so many questions. Will the host be allergy aware? Should I take food to avoid my son missing out? When Allergy Riders tags are used we can all relax and just enjoy the party.” Monique Ross – Leongatha Vic.

“The Allergy Riders products are so bright and cheery; they made our buffet table look fantastic. It’s a really easy and stylish way to ensure that every party guest has a great time and stays safe.” Belinda Turley – Murrumbeena Vic.

 Next time you’re planning an event, keep allergy concerns at bay and let Allergy Riders be the life of the party!