- February 20, 2011 2 MIN READ

Moonlighting; I am going to take a stab in the dark and will estimate that at least 80% of startup owners are doing it in some way shape or form. You may find yourself asking the same questions I ask myself on a daily basis – At what stage will I be earning enough money to leave the day job and be able to work for myself on a decent wage? Is this ever going to take off? Should I just pack it all in and save all the cash that I am pouring into this VERY expensive hobby of mine?

I have to say I am a HUGE fan of moonlighting, that probably comes from the very bias point of view of someone that is actually moonlighting their backside off at the moment. For me it is all about being honest, my employer at my “day job” is completely aware that I have a side venture and in fact encourages and coaches me on how to improve things. I think you also need to ensure that the results you deliver to your employers business exceed what is expected. I am very strict on myself and every hour of the next day is planned the night before in my diary so that all my tasks get completed and I can leave on time to work on my own business.

The other day I was offered a role at a completely different company, it was a similar role and I was hunted by a HR person that I had worked with in the past. The role was worth more money, however I chose to turn down even exploring the opportunity because for me the biggest risk to me being successful in my own venture is not having the freedom to moonlight outside of work hours, especially in the media space as I do. I am completely engaged where I am now and this is to my company’s credit for allowing me to be entrepreneurial, the win for them is I bring that approach to business into the workplace and ensure that results are delivered.

I think moonlighting is fantastic when approached right, what do you think?