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Aumeo Audio, founded by Paul Lee, has created technology that essentially enhances and customises the human listening experience. Every ear is unique, however current audio equipment like iPods and iPhones do not know that, so the device launched by Aumeo Audio allows users to tailor their music or whatever type of content they are hearing to suit their needs.

Lee and his team come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, from audiologists to engineers. Together, through research and testing, the team discovered that not only was everybody’s ear unique, but that the listen-parametre has never been factored into anything that is audio related.

That’s a problem. First of all, one-size-fits-all audio is being played today, which means that the true intentions of the sound by the artists or [content creators] are actually never truly reflected in everybody’s listening experience,” Lee said.

“The bigger problem is, because of this, a lot of people listening in low-tone, which is not as good as your high-tone, so you would just naturally press your volume up button, which rearranges everything.”

Not only does it rearrange everything, it is also extremely unhealthy for you. If you are part of the group of individuals that is listening to music and content in the wrong tone, over time that can have some pretty severe effects on your ability to hear properly. In fact, the World Health Organisation published research in February 2015 that found over 1.1 billion young adults have seen quite prevalent hearing loss simply because they are listening to things too loud.

Statistically, if you listen to your phone or headphones at 100db or more for more than 15 minutes a day over the course of an hour in a day, you are almost guaranteed to have severe hearing loss. To put that into perspective, most Americans listen to music on their phone for four hours on average every day at 94db.

Lee said that the technology provided by Aumeo Audio not only builds in that missing parameter for all basic listening devices but will also give users more enjoyment while they are preserving their hearing abilities.

To launch Aumeo Audio, Lee actually ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which raised over $300,000 and enabled them to ship their first 3,000 units out the door. Now the next 12 months are all about building the brand and creating awareness about the company’s mission and vision around an epidemic that right now isn’t really being taken that seriously.

“I’ll be spreading this message and trying to build up our credibility as [premium] brand for this kind of tailored audio,” said Lee.

While everything is full speed ahead today, it was a slightly different story when Aumeo Audio won its Talent Unleashed Award back in 2014.

“If I look back it’s probably one of the darkest hours our team was experiencing,” said Lee. “We had technology ready to sell back in 2012, however we had trouble commercialising it, mainly because people [were not immediately buying into the story] or the issue was not at the forefront of people’s minds.”

It was one of those moments where, as a founder, Lee really needed to think hard about the future and whether or not Aumeo Audio had commercial ability.

When the company won the award, things began to change rapidly – the brand had globally recognised business leaders like Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak saying its name and handing Lee an award. This was something that not only gave Lee a much needed confidence boost and affirmation in his mission, but also gave him instant credibility attracting potential partners, potential investors, and customers to the company.

Lee said he can not recommend enough startups entering the awards, not matter what stage of business they are at or how dark the future may look right now. The Awards are about identifying and rewarding Game Changing Ideas first and foremost.

He said, “For our company the win was like a bolt of lightning and its jolt bought everything to life again.”

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