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Braintree’s core mission has always been to help developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and merchants thrive. One of the ways that the company does this is through its new event series Braintree_Talks, a global industry event that gives its community direct access to leaders of the world’s most innovative organisations.

The Braintree_Talks initiative launched in London last year with a discussion from Harper Reed titled ‘Code.Ship.Repeat.’, touching on his familiarity in creating disruptive startups from his time as President Barack Obama’s CTO during his re-election campaign, up to his more recent startup, Modest, which was acquired in 2015 by PayPal.

The Sydney Braintree_Talks event held earlier this month focused on the key trends in Mobile, Social, and Technology that challenge every new startup and, in fact, any company to think differently about what consumers today want and demand, and how they’re seeing these trends being implemented.

The inaugural Sydney event included panelists from Uber, Facebook, THE ICONIC, and eBay, who came together to discuss the ‘accelerants of change’. The panelists discussed the innovations currently disrupting the commerce landscape, and what it takes to thrive in this new commerce paradigm.

When discussing mobile-first businesses, Melinda Petrunoff, Industry Head, Media & Ecommerce for Facebook, noted that if Facebook started today, “[they] would only start a mobile business.”

With technology adoption moving faster than ever before, it remains a definitive key element for customer engagement, as it shapes the way in which consumers interact with brands and consume content. On this point Steve Brennen, Senior Director of Marketing & Retail Innovation for eBay, agreed: “Spot a mega trend early, go hard and be confident.”

For businesses to endure in this digital-first environment, they need to embrace change and adapt to the landscape, and the landscape today is mobile: consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on mobile devices, with mobile now accounting for 50.3% of all digital commerce traffic.

Mobile search has also surpassed desktop as the primary way in which customers find goods and services. With content and personalisation rapidly becoming a priority for customers, Adam Jacobs, Managing Director of THE ICONIC, shared that the majority of the online retailer’s business focus when it comes to innovation and personalisation is in its in-app suite.

The trend of ‘contextual commerce’ was also discussed by the panelists as an evolution in retail commerce, with merchants selling to consumers wherever the product is seen, be it on social, blog, ads, in-page, in-app, and anywhere consumers go online or on their mobile device.

David Rohrsheim, General Manager of Uber ANZ, spoke about how Uber is paving the way for this adoption by making it possible for their customers to book a ride within other apps like Facebook Messenger and Google Maps.

Payments and the user experience are at the heart of these advancements in the retail experience. What consumers want more than anything is the ability to purchase quickly, easily, and securely without friction. This is becoming increasingly relevant, with consumers demanding instant gratification. What will the next accelerant of change be? Payment-by-voice? Virtual Reality-enabled retail shopping? When will these disruptive technologies become a part of our everyday lives?

Braintree is  excited to continue these discussions and identify the next mega-trends changing the face of commerce in the Braintree_Talks series.

To watch view the full Braintree_Talks panel discussion click here. To find out more about Braintree and how they can help your business click here.

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