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We have made a few changes to our annual Women in Technology list for 2016. The first and most obvious being that it is now purely focused on women in technology, with the second being that, given our expansion into New Zealand last year, we are now including both countries on the list. Thirdly, we’re doing away with the under 40 age limit we used to apply.

Startup Daily looked at various metrics in putting together this list. Being a strong woman in technology is not just about financial turnover or capital raised for a business, it is not even necessarily about whether you have founded a business. The metrics our teamed looked at when putting this list together include: an individual’s social and industry influence; traction of the company the individual leads or their influence within the organisation they are part of; and the problems they are helping to solve.

Again, this list is biased towards startup / technology businesses.

Companies that have an affiliation with Startup Daily by way of sitting on our advisory board were not eligible for the list. This also means our sponsor for this list, MYOB, and people associated with its current campaign were also not eligible to make the list. This list was selected by the Startup Daily team.

Congratulations to our Top 50 Women in Technology for 2016.

1 Marita Cheng Aipoly / 2Mar Robotics
 2 Tan Le Emotiv
 3 Melanie Perkins Canva

Our top three spots this year were taken out by the founders some seriously high-growth technology companies. Cheng and Le are pushing the boundaries when it comes areas like robotics and the human mind, while Perkins sits at the helm of one of the fastest growing startups in the world right now.

Tan Le | Credit: Australian Unlimited
Tan Le | Credit: Australian Unlimited


4 Toni Moyes 8i / Rothenberg Ventures
5 Cyan Ta’eed Envato
6 Jodie Fox Shoes of Prey
7 Jo Burston Inspiring Rare Birds
8 Jane Lu Showpo
9 Julie Stevanja Stylerunner
10 Erika Geraerts Frank Body
11 Jess Hatzis Frank Body
12 Bree Johnson Frank Body
13 Solange Cunin Quberider
14 Jess Wilson Stashd
15 Annie Parker muru-D / Code Club


The Frank Body Team
The Frank Body Team
16 Kendall Flutey Banqer
17 Simone Eyles 365 Cups
18 Justine Flynn Thankyou
19 Jane Cay Birdsnest
20 Nikki Durkin Code Camp
21 Emily Yue Expert360
22 Bridget Loudon Expert360
23 Gen George One Shift / Skilld
24 Amanda Johnstone Social Health Innovations
25 Christie Whitehill Hatching Lab
26 Juliet Potter AutoChic
27 Alison Hardacre HealthKit


Kendall Flutey from Banquer
Kendall Flutey from Banqer
28 Kath Purkis Her Fashion Box
29 Anna Guenther PledgeMe
30 Geraldine McBride MyWave
31 Zheng Li Founders Exchange & Raygun
32 Victoria Ransom Google
33 Claudia Batten Broadli Inc
34 Fiona Anson Workible
35 Alli Baker Workible
36 Kristen Lunman Wipster
37 Kat Lintott STEM Creative
38 Elizabeth Kaelin YouChews
39 Shoaleh Baktashi Inkerz


Anna Guenther with the PledgeMe team
Anna Guenther with the PledgeMe team
40 Jemma Xu Tripalocal
41 Zoe Pointon Open Agent
42 Stacey Jacobs TidyMe
43 Amanda Graham Downsizing
44 Catherine Graham Downsizing
45 Svetlana Hopkins MonPurse
46 Kate Kendall CloudPeeps
47 Mandi Gunsberger Babyology
48 Catherine Eibner Bluechilli / Project Tripod
49 Colette Grgic Bluechilli
50 Michelle Deaker One Ventures
51 Renee Welsh Booking Boss

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