When you are starting out in Business, there is a lot of information out there. As entrepreneurs we MUST make sure that we are educated and understand things, but quite often it is hard sorting the great content from the bad content. The Tools of the Trade library has been designed to bring you great content, that you will actually learn something from. Our partners for this part of the site will also give you discounts and special offers for products and services.

We have worked with Shoe String partners to make sure that everything here can be used as a tool to propel you forward in your business, by giving you access to a series of videos, books, white papers, guides, calculators and many more exclusive tools to help you in your startup adventure.

One of the reasons so many startups fail is due to a major lack of basic financial education in the space. If you are starting a business you need to financially understand some key metrics when it comes to running your business. Nudge Accounting (your outsourced startup CFO) have put together this user guide to get you started and heading in the right direction. Download it now and avoid becoming a statistic.

Shoe String is proud to partner with Premium Animations to offer just that. Premium Animations work with startups, small and big businesses, with some clients seeing their sales skyrocket by 400% when they have added a Premium Animations video to their site. Click here to learn more and get started, with a $50 discount code. With a Premium Animations video on your website you’ll see results.

This Whitepaper prepared by Symantec/Norton One explores some of the gateways into your business you may not have realised were there, and how to protect them. A very interesting quick read. Download the Whitepaper to get 50% off selected Symantec products.

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