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The mobile phone has become such a critical part of our daily lives that businesses who choose not to capitalise on the rapid-growth of this space will miss out on a plethora of opportunities. ‘Touch’-based and ‘Tap and Go’ technologies are fast becoming the new norm in the Australian retail sector, as our country leads the way on the global stage.

Helping drive these changes and making it easier for business owners to sell to their customers is accounting software company MYOB, which recently announced its mobile payments solution MYOB PayDirect will now be accepting tap and go payments via its new contactless card reader.

Statistics show that over half of Australians are using some form of contactless payment. General Manager of SME Solutions at MYOB, James Scollay says that this new product feature in MYOB PayDirect will further increase its appeal and usage amongst small business owners.

“60 percent of Australians using their contactless card, are transacting this way at least once a week, up from 43 percent last year,” says Scollay. “It’s obvious why. With just a tap to complete a transaction, contactless payments are faster and more secure than using cash or entering a pin number”.

MYOB is focused on creating solutions that respond to customer demands. With MYOB PayDirect’s contactless card reader, businesses can now offer customers their preferred payment option for both convenience and security. The feature enables faster transactions for low value sales that can be approved without a PIN or signature. It also increases convenience for customers because of its tap-and-go functionality; and there is greater peace of mind for customers as the card never has to leave their hand and all transactions are processed through a reliable secure network.

MYOB customer Maroth Phan, owner of lucky7 Beaufort Convenience, is delighted with the introduction of the PayDirect card reader. He says it has reduced customer queue time and has allowed him to process more sales as he’s able to get through transactions faster and assist other customers.

“Having a contactless card reader is easy to manage and quicker for customers to pay,” says Phan. “In May, MYOB introduced PayDirect for EFTPOS and this is just one more extension that makes it easier for us to transact with our customers.”

MYOB PayDirect was recognised in August this year at the iAwards by the Australian Information Industry Association as the NSW winner. 

“We are always looking for ways to innovate through simplification,” says Scollay. “Introducing a contactless card reader for tap and go payments is the simplest, and most effective method for SMEs and customers to transact with one another in real time”.

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