Each year, Startup Daily publishes a list of the most influential young Australians across various industries. The publication of this list usually coincides with other lists celebrating the achievements of individuals under the age of 40 like the BRW Young Rich List, which comes out later this week.

All the people named on this list are handpicked and curated by the team at Startup Daily, who have been watching them over the past 12 months. We have been observing their achievements and the influence and impact they are having within their industry, and this list recognises them publicly for their success.

The Startup Daily Y&I List is not a list that can be entered and this is what makes it such a special list to be on.

This year our list is bought to you by our premium partners at MYOB, supporters of the Australian startup ecosystem and passionate advocates for young people that take a risk and pursue their dreams. There are 40 individuals under the age of 40 recognised on this list across four categories: Tech & Startups, Creators, Lifestyle & Media and SocENT & Policy.

tech & startups

The Australian tech startup ecosystem is growing rapidly. Those recognised in this category may be young but are already having a profound impact within the space. Some have created internet companies worth billions, others hold significant positions within the sector that cause them to have an impact with investors.

1 Mike Cannon-Brookes Atlassian
2 Scott Farquhar Atlassian
3 Melanie Perkins Canva
4 Peter Bradd StartupAUS
5 Niki Scevak Blackbird Ventures
6 Josiah Humphrey Appster
7 Mark McDonald Appster
8 Murray Hurps Fishburners
9 Gen George One Shift
10 Rebekah Campbell Hey You
11 Annie Parker muru-D and Code Club
12 Darcy Naughton York Butter Factory and Adventure Capital

tech & startups (1)

Our country is full of young creatives that make content that entertains and informs us. Everyone named in this category has at some point this year created something that has delivered an important message to the Australian public. Josh Thomas is reaching millions of people across the world with his television program Please Like Me, which highlights and generates meaningful discussion around the topic of mental health. Others like Nicholas Boshier helped bring social media and crowdsourcing to Australian television, something which had not been done before on that scale in the country.

1 Josh Thomas Please Like Me
2 Natalie Tran YouTube
3 Christiaan Van Vuuren Bondi Hipsters
4 Nicholas Boshier Bondi Hipsters and 7DaysLater
5 Jordan Shanks FriendlyJordies
6 Kate McCartney The Katering Show
7 Kate McClennan The Katering Show
8 Charlie Clausen TOFOP and That’s Aweson Podcasts
9 Nicole Foreshew Curator and Artist
10 Macario De Souza Film Maker
11 Genevieve Clay-Smith Film Maker and Founder of Bus Stop Films
12 Troye Sivan YouTube and Singer

tech & startups (2)

Lifestyle and Media encompasses both traditional and new-age media, as well as the realm of blogging and journalism. This year, those named in the list come from a wide range of roles and backgrounds, however one thing they all have in common is that they are influencers not only within their companies, but also their chosen fields. Those on the list work across youth, fashion and pop culture, technology and news and branding and strategy. All shining stars in roles that would traditionally be reserved for people twice their age.

1 Tim Duggan Junkee
2 Jamila Rizvi Mamamia
3 Ben Grubb Sydney Morning Herald
4 Ellie Rogers Facebook
5 Jacqueline Stenmark MCN
6 Katie Rigg-Smith Mindshare
7 Margaret Zhang Shine by Three
8 Sarah Ellen Perks of Her
9 Michael Pell Producer, Sunrise
10 Lorraine Murphy The Remarkables
11 Chris Wirasinha Pedestrian TV
12 Oscar Martin Pedestrian TV

tech & startups

The Social Enterprise and Policy category recognises those individuals under the age of 40 that are driving changes across industry and politics. Social Good and Change are the keywords here. Whether it is via a company, charity or political party the people on this list have become influencers in their fields, which range from raising awareness about global issues to advocating for changes needed to areas like education and innovation within Australia.

1 Justine Flynn Thankyou.co
2 Daniel Flynn Thankyou.co
3 Wyatt Roy Liberal Party
4 Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin Bluechilli Group
5 Jack Delosa The Entourage
6 Chantelle Baxter One Girl
7 Liz Atkinson Generation Z
8 Tom Dawkins Start Some Good
9 Dustin Leonard Hero Condoms
10 Sarah Hanson-Young The Greens
11 Ellen Sandel The Greens
12 Eric Kerr Labor Party

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