Tech in Asia launches expansion into India

- December 1, 2015 2 MIN READ

When one thinks booming startup ecosystems, Silicon Valley, Israel, and China are usually the first to come to mind, but India has had a stellar 2015, with an increase of seed funding from $15 million in 2014 to an expected $100 million in 2015. Keen to keep its finger on the pulse, tech and startup publication Tech in Asia has announced that it is expanding its physical presence into India, setting up an office in Bangalore.


Here are the 15 most well-funded startups in Southeast Asia

- March 10, 2015 1 MIN READ

When it comes to startups and entrepreneurship, most of the narrative in the past years have been focused on Silicon Valley. 2014 is the year where Southeast Asia proved itself to be a worthy challenger to the lead role, and people are beginning to take notice. [Source: TechinAsia]