“We were the first Aussie company to present at the Angelpad Demo Day”

- December 13, 2012 2 MIN READ

Day of, I was standing behind the curtain where 130 investors sat waiting to hear our pitch on the other side. All of us in the program were anxious. I recall waiting to deliver my presentation and thinking, ‘We have spent many, many months of programming, 10 weeks in the accelerator program working with our team in Sydney across timezones. It’s all coming down to these 3 minutes.’ It felt like the backstage of a boxing match.


AngelPad: Building Great Startups

- July 13, 2012 1 MIN READ

AngelPad is a mentorship program founded by Thomas Korte with a team of ex-Google employees to help technology startups build better products, attract seed funding and grow more successful businesses. AngelPad provides founders with funding, mentorship and the chance to work alongside other great founders at the AngelPad office in San Francisco.