Tristan Pollock

Tristan Pollock, entrepreneur in residence and VC partner at 500 Startups has come to Australia to speak with entreprenuers and founders to assess the Australian startup landscape and identify potential startup candidates for 500 Startups upcoming accelerator program.

It’s a first for 500 Startups to scout out Australian startups, and Pollock has come down under to personally see what our country has to offer. Pollock says he’s looking for internet businesses that are scalable, with fast growth patterns and startups that have the potential for large scale distribution.

Pollock says there’s a bridge that can be built further between what 500 Startups is doing and investing in early stage startups in Australia. “We’re looking for companies right now for the next accelerator- Batch 15 in mid July.”

500 Startups provide startups with four month intensive accelerator programs in San Francisco and Mountain View where they help startups validate their business ideas and grow on a global scale.


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