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Founder Mat Beeche launched content creation company Shoe String Media in 2012. At the time the Australian startup ecosystem was in its infancy and ‘disruptive’ was something written on the report cards of naughty school children, not an industry buzzword that implied you had billionaire potential. Telling the stories of the future leaders of the countries economic landscape became an obsession that birthed what is now one of the countries most respected startup and technology publications.

Startup Daily is our flagship publication that covers the startup and tech sectors across Australia and New Zealand. Producing daily content that casts a sometimes critical eye across the growing startup landscape and the players within it. We choose old school journalism and in-depth storytelling over half-baked broken news because we believe our readers deserve a full meal to go along with the entree.

Silicon Paddock is our initiative shining a light on the under-recognised business mavens located in regional Australia. The platform introduces the world to these rural innovators via good old fashioned storytelling. There are currently 1.3 million small businesses located outside metro areas in Australia and the other key purpose of the platform is to help connect and educate these people with snack-sized task focused education and events held throughout country communities on an annual basis.

The advertising industry is changing, which is why we don’t sell advertising. Instead we work with brands that want to target Australian businesses to create great content marketing campaigns that are aimed at doing primarily two things (1) Create Brand Awareness / Position Brands as Thought-Leaders and (2) Drive Sales and Leads.

Think of us as an extension of your existing marketing and business development team.



Monthly content reaching: 150,000 readers (110K Startup Daily – 40K Silicon Paddock)
Australian readership breakdown: NSW (42%) VIC (21%) QLD (21%) SA (11%) WA (4%) TAS (1%)
Click through rates: Leaderboards 0.12% Towers 0.10% MREC 0.07%
New Zealand readership breakdown: Auckland (20%) Wellington (70%) Christchurch (10%)
Average time browsing content: 3 minutes
Daily emails sent to subscribers: 7,000
Readers based in regional communities: 31%
Average reader returning: 2 times weekly
Our reach across social media: 50,000 +


Identity – Startups founders, corporates, small businesses, investors or from the public sector.
Business Experience – Average reader has been in business for 3 years.
Recruitment – 72% need staff with experience in software engineering or coding and design skills.
Finances – 90% of readers struggle with capital, cashflow, invoicing and budgeting.
Events – 60% of our readers attend events, conferences and networking functions.
Devices – 50% of our audience use their smartphone to first access our content.
Content Consumption – 67% want an increase in audio and video content across our platforms.


myob case study


Client – MYOB Technologies
Goals – Position brand as thought leader around Women in Technology and supporter of startups.
Campaign Executed via – Articles, Events and Video.
Campaign Package – Premium Partner.
Result – 90% of our users consumed the content. Client gained significant traction in market.

Lenovo Case Study


Client – Lenovo (via agency One Affiniti)
Goals – Drive sign ups to the Lenovo for business ecommerce store.
Campaign Executed via – Survey, Competition and Articles.
Campaign Package – Lead Generation
Result – Over 2,000 sign ups to the Lenovo for Business store.

Braintree Case Study


Client – Braintree (via agency 303MullenLowe)
Goals – Drive awareness of the brand targeting entrepreneurs and developers.
Campaign Executed via – Video series, Articles and Event.
Campaign Package – Premium Partner.
Result – Content shared by over 60% of engaged audience.
Feedback – Attendees said the ecommerce event was one of the best they had been to.


We work with our partners to create stand out content marketing campaigns in a variety of different formats whether that be written, video, audio or even a live event. We build a customised hub of content that we drive our readers to via our daily front page, pop-ups, our daily newsletter ‘Crop and Code’ and social media.

Below is an example of a content series we ran for MYOB about women working in technology – it is to date one of the most read series that we have hosted across our platforms.

We also produce branded and original video content. At the moment we are in the stages of planning a series about regional Australian business owners and innovators called Paddock Chat. This series will also have a sister podcast of the same name.

02 1

Video is a huge focus for our company in 2017. There are options for brands to either align and support original video series produced by Shoe String Media or we can produce something specifically for your company – we will work with you from a creative standpoint from start to finish on a series that is bespoke to your brand. You will also be able to use the content however you like, where ever you like after it has launched across our channels.

Below is an example of an original content series that we launched last year called PoliTech. The premise was to sit down and have deep-dive conversations with political figures about technology and innovation and of course get their opinions on whether or not government was doing a good enough job in creating a culture of innovation in Australia. We even had television presenter David Koch guest host an episode that we shot at Parliament House with then Innovation Minister, Chistopher Pyne.

The video series was nominated for an Australian Technology Journalism Award in 2016.


All content created for brands not only enjoys distribution across our online assets, it is also sent directly to the inboxes of over 7,000 subscribers to our daily newsletter ‘Crop and Code’.


Trial Campaign

$5,000 + GST monthly – 3 month contract – Display advertising – Branded content hub – 6 pieces of content – Weekly reporting – 1 round of revisions.

Premium Partner

$8,000 + GST monthy – 12 month contract – Display advertising – Branded content hubs – Bespoke content plan – Multimedia approach – Live activations – Research Activities – Monthly Reporting

Video Series

$10,000 + GST monthy – 4 month contract – Display advertising – Branded content hub – 4 x 15 min episodes – Episodic scripting – Weekly reporting – 2 rounds of revisions

Podcast Series

$10,000 + GST monthly – 3 month contract – Display advertising – Branded podcast hub – 1 x Trailer – 9 x Episodes (20 Mins) – Reporting – Call to Action

Lead Generation

$7,500 + GST monthly – 3 month contract – Display advertising – Branded content hub – User engagement tool – Data collection – Comp compliance – Weekly reporting

White Label

$8,000 + GST monthly – 12 month contract – Display advertising – Bespoke content plan – Multimedia approach – Live activations – Research Activities

To find out more information about how you can partner with our Silicon Paddock Initiative and target 1.3 million regional Australian business owners check out our Silicon Paddock for Brands page.

Terms of Service

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DATE CHANGES: Any campaign in which the advertiser requests for the dates of a campaign going live to be changed will still be charged for the period in which the campaign is originally booked, for e.g. if an advertiser books a campaign to be live in April and then pushes it back to May, they will be charged for this at the commencement of April, with a credit for May.
NON-RECEIPT OF MATERIAL: We have an obligation to you and other advertisers to ensure material for the website, eNewsletters and eDMs is delivered on time and therefore material must be received by the close of business of the material deadline. If not, for current advertisers, existing material will be run and for new advertisers, a filler advertisement will be run.
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