This is a sequel to our 2016 content series

Women in Tech powered by our partners at MYOB. 

Come with us as we take you on a journey throughout rural Australia and explore the stories of regional women in technology roles who via their work are challenging the status quo and creating a world that will provide the next generation of young regional women with global opportunities in their own local communities.


Life Cell Marine is a flotation device to keep people safe in an emergency at sea

“We’re running an international business via email because of time differences and things, so it doesn’t matter where you’re based. If you’re running an international business, you’re not having face to face meetings anyway.”

Life Cell Marine

The Rural Woman


The Rural Woman is breaking down barriers for women in rural Australia starting online businesses

The Rural Woman platform and its broader community looks to connect women and give them the tools, resources, and networks to bring their ideas to life.


The Rural Network connects and empowers rural communities.

Pioneering the task economy for regional-based business owners across Australia is a fast-growing platform called The Rural Network.

the rural network



Bathurst’s AppiWork collaborates with government and startups to bring app ideas to life

Their first clients came from personal networks and word of mouth; while they frequently work on remote projects, being able to sit down side by side with someone has been crucial in growing in Bathurst.


Agritourism platform Visit My Farm connects metropolitan Aussies to authentic on-farm experiences

Looking to bridge the divide and connect metropolitan Aussies to the farm gate is Visit My Farm, an initiative developed and currently being trialled by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

visit my farm

audacious digital


Audacious Digital is helping to develop Toowoomba’s SMB landscape by getting businesses online

Growing up, Julie Boulton dreamed of being a brain surgeon, because she was fascinated by the way humans work.


Wagga Wagga startup GoRemote connects regional Australians with remote job roles

“I thought, we have all these amazing friends living in regional areas that are either not working in their field, or not working at all because they’re isolated, so couldn’t we outsource to them?”


George the Farmer


George the Farmer educates kids about food production and agricultural innovation

Looking to fill these knowledge gaps is George the Farmer, a children’s character created to educate children about farming practices.


Roma agency Compass West helps small businesses solve their back-end problems

“I have a very good eye for detail on ways to improve things without wasting time or money, so I turned it into a business.”

compass west

Your Style Revolution


Mildura startup Your Style Revolution wants to make the personal stylist more accessible

Founded by Anika Walker, formerly a stylist at Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre, the platform looks to help subscribers find, define, and become more confident in their personal style by connecting them with regular content from Walker and, depending on their subscription tier, access to one on one advice and styling.


Canberra startup Wildlife Drones helps wildlife researchers track animals

Currently, the practice for most wildlife researchers involves carrying heavy radio receiver equipment while covering vast areas on foot, seeking out the highest ground in order to boost the chances of picking up the signals. Looking to solve this problem is ACT startup Wildlife Drones, founded by Dr Debbie Saunders and Ros Wallace..

Wildlife Drones

Delpino's Ethical Department Store


Bunbury-based ecommerce platform Delpino’s helps consumers buy ‘ethical’ products based on their values

For some consumers, the desire to buy ethically can often be challenged by the fact that such products are difficult to find. Looking to provide an easy avenue for consumers to browse and buy all manner of ethical products is Delpino’s, an ‘ethical department store’ founded by Angela Delpino.

Delpino’s enables consumers to buy according to a core set of values that matter to them: fairtrade, zero waste, recycled, organic, charitable, and animal rights.

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