1.     An iPhone and Android version would be needed – I’d be happy to make both, still for free.
2.     Regular content updates will be needed – We can update the app for free as well, and as often as you like but if we launch it with the 3 main features (alert before next donation, find nearest donor centre, and provide information that doesn’t change – eg. the blood types and who the blood helps), there will be little need for very regular updates.
3.     Little customer demand – There is a massive demand for a blood service app this as shown by the French Blood Establishment app which is similar to the app that I would like to make for the Australian Blood Service. The French one has 293 reviews and my apps get roughly 1 review per 1,000 downloads. If this is the same proportionally with the French blood service app, they have received approximately 293,000 downloads! The French population is about 3 times more than the Australian population so we should be expecting a minimum of about 97,000 downloads.
4.     Blood Service employees current workload is too big to work on this – No work will be needed on your side except sending me a list of the addresses and contact details of donor centres. Putting a banner on the Blood Services’ site would help too to help drive downloads. This should be less than 2 hours of work.

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