As a startup founder we don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about a dire version of our future. However sometimes the unexpected happens. That is why Startup Daily has partnered with Small Business First and NobleOak to bring you the following offer.

Startup founders are typically all about the future, always planning out the next move that will take set them up for global expansion, but Life insurance is often put in the “too hard” basket.

Yet Life insurance can be the most important risk protection a founder can purchase, as it can help to perpetuate their business.

Life insurance cover has the power to change the course of the lives of the people you care about and the business you helped build in the event that you die or are unable to work due to serious illness or injury.

Your family and your business are important enough to take the time to do the right thing, and in reality Life insurance for a business owner’s needs can be straightforward, inexpensive, and an invaluable financial plan.

Business owners may need Life insurance for similar reasons to anyone else (for example as income replacement for their dependants) but also to protect the future of their company. If a founder is suddenly gone due to death, injury or illness, the business can deteriorate very quickly.

There are many unacknowledged costs that come with losing a crucial member of a business. The business may lose clients, contacts, or connections that drive revenue. Additionally, there is the cost to search, hire, and train a replacement.

All of these costs add up very quickly, and without the proper Life insurance to provide needed cash, the gap between employee loss and replacement can critically injure a startup.

But with the right insurance in place, any surviving business partners will have enough capital to keep the business going and the financial stability to hire a replacement staff member, or to sell the business while it is fully operational, depending on the requirements of the enterprise.

What type of Life insurance does a business owner need?

Life insurance can provide a source of income for your dependants should you die, or are unable to work due to serious illness or injury.

But what can make an individual Life insurance cover most effective for a startup is added protection against the loss of the business income.

In combination with Income Protection insurance, which pays up to 75 per cent of your taxable income for a set period due to illness or injury, you can protect your company with Business Expenses insurance provided by NobleOak. This cover delivers a monthly sum to cover your fixed and recurring business expenses, including rent or mortgage interest payments, the salaries and superannuation of non-income producing staff, telephone, office supplies, and other costs.

It provides a monthly income stream of up to 100 per cent of your fixed monthly business expenses up to a maximum of $25,000 per month.

Startup founders may also have credit facilities, and NobleOak’s Business Expenses insurance includes payment of the interest component of any loans associated with the business. 

No matter what kind of Life insurance cover you buy, make sure you go fully underwritten cover with an established, highly rated Life insurance company. You want to make sure that company will still be around decades into the future when your beneficiaries may need a payout and that they receive exactly what you purchased to give them peace of mind.

To help find the best cover for you: 

Life insurance  
Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance
Trauma insurance
Income Protection insurance
Business Expenses Insurance

Important information: This is general advice only. Please read our before applying and click here for information on cost savings. NobleOak Life Ltd ABN 85 087 648 708   AFSL No. 247302 is the product issuer.

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