This is a bit crazy. Actually this a LOT crazy. But we ARE crazy so …

We are giving TWENTY businesses – and no more than that an opportunity to run their own lead generation based campaign in front of our readers.

We are keeping it simple, we have some spare space on the home page for the next month, so we want to give our readers an opportunity to get in there before our slate of campaigns begin in February. So shhhh keep this pricing a secret because there is NO WAY we would ever do this type of thing regularly.

png (2)What you get:

  • Home page ad: 250×300 MREC
  • Guide as to copy that works with our readers
  • Leads – those that click on your ad will be prompted to enter their details. Those details are sent across to you to sell to. (Name, Email, Contact Number)
  • A hook, we will guide you as to what you should be using as a hook to get readers to click you
  • A 30 day campaign on
  • Stats and Reports on the success of your campaign, to make it easy to see your ROI

This is a great tester opportunity for those thinking of purchasing lead generation opportunities on publications this year, without risking thousands of dollars.

After we have processed 20 of these deals, we will not accept any more, as we don’t have the capacity to do this outside this tight timeframe.

Please email for more information or call 1800 755 188


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