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Christy Laurence has a strong background in digital marketing and advertising, having worked on both the client side and the agency side of things. Part of the project work that came with that was managing strategy around particular social channels such as Instagram.

With services like Facebook and Twitter already having third-party platforms that allow users to prep their posting strategies in advance, Laurence decided that there needed to be something just as easy for those using Instagram as a marketing tool. That was how Plan Your Gram came about.

Laurence initially did quite a bit of the designs and wireframes herself before investing in hiring Webhaus, a company that came referred to her by a group of close friends in the entrepreneurial business space.

“It’s a web and app agency but specialised for people like me, entrepreneurs who have good ideas but need a technical partner. Nick helped me develop a little bit more of the software and he’s got a team that I worked with and I have ended up starting there now myself as their creative marketing director to help other people like me do the marketing. So it’s working well,” Laurence said.

Laurence explained that in these initial stages of building her company that there was a lot of sacrifice and a lot of long days. However, she said that if you believe in what you are doing and have the determination, you can make anything work.

The tool, claims Laurence is one of the first of its kind in the market.

“What I’m making is a tool for Instagram,” said Laurence. “There’s no other tool out in the market where you can plan and visualise your entire feed in advance. The whole idea is about community and making something that everybody wants – I am being led by what my community wants and listening to what they need.”

Laurence had the idea for the platform over a year ago and launched globally from the start – in fact a large portion of Plan Your Gram’s users are based in the United Kingdom and the United States. Currently there are just over 2,000 active users on the platform.

The market that Plan Your Gram addresses is not the top end of town. These types of companies usually have larger internal teams or outsource this part of their business to agencies. Rather, Laurence is addressing the gap in the market for startups and small businesses, typically organisations with under ten employees.

“There’s a big gaping hole in the market for these types of businesses,” said Laurence. “Typically in smaller companies one person is a dedicated social media person or the founder runs their Instagram account. There’s a huge hole there where there’s nobody looking at you.”

With changes coming to Instagram’s algorithm, producing quality content on the platform has never been more important.

“It’s all about quality content and being cohesive and having branding,” said Laurence. “Tools like the one we are creating allow you to make sure you hit the mark every time.”

Featured Image: Plan Your Gram Founder, Christy Laurence | Source: Provided.

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