Uber & Airbnb: The challenges in two-sided markets

by 7 days ago.

Life as/in a start-up is already a challenge, but some daring entrepreneurs add even more of a challenge by solving a customer problem/job in a two-sided market. Put simply: in a two-sided market there are two sets of customers for the company. The value proposition needs to be appealing to both for the company to succeed and the value of the product or service also increases as the number of customers grows – network effect. [Source: LinkedIn]

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Fishburners’ selective application process has allowed it to become one of Sydney’s premium startup hubs

by 7 days ago.

By its very definition, a good coworking space isn’t just about the ping pong tables, nap pods, and coffee machine, but community. With Sydney’s Fishburners nestled between ABC, UTS, and TAFE buildings on Harris St in Ultimo, a street populated with more startups than on any other around Australia, you might be hard pressed to find a bigger community on just one road.

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myPresences want to be the ultimate small business platform but there will be some challenges ahead

by 8 days ago.

Brisbane based startup myPresences founded by Paul Gordon, was created to solve what is quite often an assumed issue that small business owners have very little understanding of what is happening online around their business and do not have the time to properly manage their presence and reputation online and have little understanding on how to do so.

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“Introjis” are a series of emojis’ designed specifically for the introverted

by 10 days ago.

No matter what language you speak, emojis can feel like a universal mode of communication. Whether your spirit shape is a smiling poop or a Karl Lagerfeld kitty, there are emojis for almost every sensibility. But according to designer Rebecca Evie Lynch, there aren’t any emojis that can speak specifically for introverts. [Source: FastCoCreate]

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