Sydney startup Quberider is using ridesharing to help send developers to space

by 4 days ago.

More than 50 years after humankind first set foot on the moon, only members of a very exclusive club have had the opportunity to travel in space. Though they may not be Virgin Galactic, two Sydney university students want to give more people the opportunity to learn from space by drastically reducing the cost of getting there.

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How to manage anxious investors

by 5 days ago.

“Entrepreneurs might misdiagnose anxiety as something else. If your investors are all of a sudden meddling in the business, you might be seeing anxiety. If your investors are asking for endless amounts of data, you might be seeing anxiety. If your board meetings have become tense and difficult, you might be seeing anxiety,” writes venture capitalist Fred Wilson. [Source: Fred Wilson Blog].

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Who invests in investors?

by 7 days ago.

Hunter Walk, early-stage investor at Homebrew, approached Anne Dinneen, CIO of Hamilton College, about how VCs evaluate venture partnerships. She said “assembling managers with different backgrounds can contribute to a more diverse set of perspectives and hence investment opportunities”. [Source: Hunter Walk Blog]

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