Every industry and every business will evolve to become a technology and data-driven business

by 5 days ago.

This is a seminal moment in time for Australia.

Technological disruption is accelerating and impacting every industry without regard to social consequences. Industries that account for almost a third of Australia’s GDP today are on the firing line, challenged by companies using technology to leverage their global scale, access new datasets, erase industry boundaries and invent new industries.

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Startup Ruppells Griffon uses geospatial technology to help businesses understand customer trends

by 7 days ago.

If you stop and think about it for a few minutes, the amount of information the internet has about us can seem terrifying. On the other hand, the collection of all that data allows for the creation of technology that can vastly improve the way we do things. One such technology is a GIS, or geographical information system, essentially a data management tool that plots information on a map and analyses the relationships between the data.

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