This is how effective CTOs embrace change

by 3 days ago.

“I don’t think the huge amount of change in the CTO role gets enough recognition,” says Twilio Co-founder Evan Cooke. “Almost every founding CTO starts out wearing many, many hats — engineer, product manager, salesperson, customer service — but eventually you hire great people to fill those roles. That’s when it gets hard. You can’t win just by focusing on recruiting and architecture now. It gets complicated.” [Source: First Round Review]

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Employees from the biggest tech companies in the world are using BrightCaller to stay productive

by 4 days ago.

BrightCaller, a startup based out of Stanford, California has come up with a solution to help people stay committed to their goals – whether it’s related to their personal lives or their work. In fact, employees from the world’s biggest tech companies – including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Slack, Uber and Pinterest – are using BrightCaller to stay productive.

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SIPA Boards Team

SportsTech startup develops engine-propelled stand up paddle board to get users paddling faster

by 5 days ago.

Whether it’s playing in it or on it, Australians love water. As tech gets increasingly inventive and sophisticated, we love devices and toys that bring new fun and ease to different water activities even more. One such new toy is the SIPA board, a self-inflating and self-propelling stand up paddle board developed in Slovenia.

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