Written by Natasha Berthiaume

Well known, strong brands have a solid visual identity, but they also have engaging personalities and opinions which they live by.

These personalities and opinions often underpin their brand manifesto – a declaration of beliefs that guides everything they do. As Sarah Grieb explains, creating emotional value is fundamental for winning over your audience: “Increasingly, consumers are interested in the values represented by their hard earned purchases.”

Simon Sinek’s famous “golden circle” concept expands on this.

Brands like Apple are so successful partly because they lead with ‘why’ they do what they do, and not ‘what’ they sell. By leading with their emotional standpoint, they’re able to make meaningful connections and long-lasting relationships.

So how are you going to win the hearts and minds of your customers?

Have a think about what you stand for. What do you care about? One way to approach this is to create a brand manifesto: a declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives and intentions. Here are some pointers to consider when creating a manifesto with real meaning:

First, go back to the beginning. Think about why you started your business in the first place. Revisit your initial motivations. What were your goals and aspirations for an optimistic future? After that pull together – ask colleagues, employees, or anyone who knows your business as well as you together to share ideas, as multiple heads are better than one.

When you have gone through this process it’s time to start thinking about customers. Who are they and what are their biggest passions? Nike understood its sporty audience was active, driven, and motivated so their brand slogan ‘Just do it’ perfectly captured a shared view.

As with most things in the startup space, remember to keep it simple – a brand manifesto can be one line or a series of short statements that sum up your opinions and values. Since you are a startup after all, don’t be afraid to be disruptive. Challenge the status quo. Your manifesto could be a rallying cry and invoke a response.

Here are some brand manifestos we love at MOO:

The North Face

Live by the statement ‘Never stop exploring’. They’ve created a highly emotive brand manifesto with this video which captures what they stand for and what they care about. It works because their audience shares this view.


Its manifesto totally supports their brand slogan ‘Think different’ and it’s communicated in everything they do. They’re renowned for innovation, pushing the boundaries, and challenging the impossible.


This company’s manifesto is an inspiring read. It sets out an optimistic future, engaging its audience with an active, motivational message reinforces their ‘Go Forth” campaign.

So, what do you stand for? What is it that makes your business unique? Let us know about your manifesto.

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