Be Intent is a technology company focused on wellbeing. Its platform measures a user’s mood, enhances mood, and builds well-being engagements and productivity for individuals, teams, and organisations.

It is both a web application and smartphone app that prompts a user at the beginning of the day to ask how they feel and how they need to feel. It then delivers unique content, perhaps something inspirational or an exercise to do, targeted to address the emotional state the user is in.

“We’ve used the principles of psychology and neuroscience to create a piece of content that is really inspiring,” said founder Suzanne Hall. “That happens throughout the day at times, as well as journaling and goal setting.”

For organisations the application means that managers have a daily poll on how teams are feeling and how the entire organisation is feeling. The early results as explained by Hall are impressive.

“People are raising their energy, their enthusiasm and their productivity from their perspective, not because it’s measured by some KPI,” said Hall. “It helps the organisation be at the forefront of managing teams and defending the relationship between how people are feeling and productivity, and also helps them understand where the hotspots are.”

Hall explained that the app also includes a strategy to combat bullying. “People can say they’re feeling bullied and our world first bullying poll will then deliver them a dialogue on what they want to do about it.”

It is worth noting that Be Intent is Hall’s second venture of this type of magnitude. At the age of 22 she founded a natural skin care range called Living Nature, which sells product into 14 countries. With this business Hall did around $20 million in turnover per annum and had 120 staff, recently selling it after 20 years.

However, Hall said that that business didn’t actually prepare her for the reality of what life was like in some corporate environments. She said she was lucky to have had a workforce that was genuinely engaged in what they did, where everyone was on board with the mission and everyday a unique fun atmosphere was created by the team.

“We didn’t do any engagement programs or anything, it was basically because everybody knew what they did was really meaningful,” said Hall.

It wasn’t until her bank called her up and presented a problem to her about some activities they were doing with its teams that were failing to get traction that Hall saw unhappiness in the workplace. The bank asked her if she would be keen to do a bit of adhoc contract work to give them feedback on the activities and perhaps find a better solution, which saw Hall interview staff and find that some issues from their personal lives were affecting their work life.

“At that moment I thought, we’ve got to do something that helps people get into the right headspace and helps them manage their own state of mind before you do the stuff the company’s doing,” said Hall.

“It wouldn’t mattered to anyone how fantastic the company was, they wouldn’t have been able to engage in it. That became quite crucial to me and I went home that night and thought, okay, so how could we make something that helps you do that?”

Given the fact that Hall had effectively retired after selling her cosmetics company – and was going to spend time doing art-related-things – starting a new company again means that she is back to long hours and all the other challenges that come with having a startup.

“Be Intent includes huge amounts of creativity,” said Hall “I’m not a designer, but I appreciate the design and so the creative journey of how we inspire and engage people, and having a creative design team, is a greater expression of what I was really wanting to do anyway. But I do work crazy hours and I just love it.”

Like many other winners of the Talent Unleashed Awards, Hall said that even though she has been in business for decades, having the likes of Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak recognise Be Intent gave the business merit.

She said, “It really fired  me up again to move things to the next level and the fruition’s coming now.”

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