The future of work in Perth Creating more opportunities for the next generation


The mining boom may have brought unprecedented prosperity to Western Australia, but the state hasn’t rested on its laurels, with Perth’s startup community eager to grow and prove that a) there’s more to WA than mining; and b) it can play with the big boys on the east coast.

Perth has significant potential to growth thanks to both its proximity to Asia, and the fact it shares a timezone with a giant slice of the continent.

What’s more, the relationships are already there: according to a report from startup representative body StartupWA, China is Western Australia’s largest export market, accounting for over 51 percent of the state’s total exports, while Western Australia also exports up to 80 percent of its agricultural production.

In turn, StartupWA also highlighted opportunities for local startups in the hardware and Internet of Things sectors to take advantage of Asian manufacturing, while AgTech will also provide opportunities for WA startups to take on the Asian market.

Already looking globally is Perth startup Spectur, which has developed a solar powered, cloud-based security camera designed to thrive in remote areas and locations, including construction sites.

When the camera senses movement in the area, it broadcasts an alert signal before starting to record, harnessing 3G and 4G networks, or local wifi, to capture the event on the Spectur cloud platform. Site administrators are then quickly issued an alert and able to watch the clip of the event and access the camera feed to view the live broadcast.

Meanwhile, aiming to prove that a fintech startup can thrive despite working thousands of kilometres away from the nation’s financial services capital is Credi, a platform looking to help friends and family lending money to each other informally put in place a structure and terms around these loans and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Working with the tagline ‘Powering the bank of mum and dad’, Credi’s platform allows users to build their own customised loan, selecting the amount, term, start date, fees, repayment dates, and so on. They can then send their loan request out, negotiate with the other party, and change the terms until an agreement is reached. Since launching earlier this year, the startup said there is already over $25 million worth of loans on the Credi system.

Proving yet again the diversity of the Perth tech community is KinChip Systems, a healthtech startup working to develop their first app, Kindom. Through a private mobile platform, Kindom allows parents to record their child’s medical and developmental data and store it in one secure space.

The startup is working beside the Australian Digital Health Agency to connect a child’s medical records to the app, allowing parents to easily view critical information about their child and allowing them the chance to attach their own “notes” through an in-built journal feature.

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