Launching a business in 2016 is a whole new ball game than previous years. When thinking of ways to start your business and get your idea off the ground you think digital, the digital era challenges the way we think about industry, ideas and products. Even traditional brick and mortar type businesses are further enabled by technology and these days everyone starts online to verify their business, service, product and ultimately connect to the right customers.

There may not be one correct way to start a business as everyone approaches that process differently from starting small or thinking global from day one. However no matter which direction the business is heading to get started various tasks need to be completed, and these tasks are all the same.

While focusing on launching an idea, founders also need to complete a series of required tasks which include getting an ABN and ATO, securing a business name from ASIC and getting a domain name from a web host provider. All these tasks are entangled in the process of launching any business whether that be the next social media site or the local plumbing business. Not all business founders are tech savvy and filling in large amounts of paper work can be a major road block, wasting valuable time, money and resources. It can be confusing to know where to go for advice and where to fill in all this paperwork. Lining up at a bank to get an ABN is a tradition that no longer exists with the services of online sites like Honcho, who provide a bundle of all the necessary documentation needed to start a business.

All the restrictions that traditionally affect people when starting a business are today levitated by online platforms that take out the stress of starting a business. Entrepreneurs and founders don’t want the hassle of paying thousands of dollars to their accountant to set everything up. With services like Honcho the whole process is done online, saving money, time and above all stress and confusion.

These days starting your very own business is not as daunting and long as it used to be. Today business can trade in under an hour after all documents are completed. This process is a set process of filling in documentation and without a step by step guide it can be hard to know where to begin. For example you need an ABN to get a domain name and you need an ABN to get a business name, and you need both of those to open up a business account. A service like Honcho guides founders through the process, so at each starting point everything needed to launch a business is already set out in the one place.

With the transference of paper to online documents, digital services enable quick and easy submissions, with results, feedback and approvals taking minutes, rather than days. Businesses can literally be started overnight, which is encouraging for entrepreneurs to take the risk and make their idea a real world service. It is important for businesses to stay on top of where their service is heading and maintaining all important documents can be seen as a burden and something that’s forever in the back of your head. To keep track of each process, what’s been paid for and what’s still pending is addressed by Honcho, who provide founders with tools and stores everything into a secure cloud-based system. Documents are secured in an online vault, rather than crumpled in a suitcase. The importance of online storages is that everything is accessible any time of the day with approvals being sent in real-time and are 100 percent accredited.

Getting a business started the right way means starting your business online, even for the non tech savvy user. For both tech and small businesses everything from business names to paying tax can be handled through online websites like Honcho, which is crucial to a smooth start in the business and entrepreneur world. Step by step guidance means that anyone can follow a process that was once shifted to an accountant, can now be handled by you.

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