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Episode Six: Kate Morris

Kate Morris is the founder and CEO of Adore Beauty, an online cosmetics retailer. The business was founded in 1999, when Morris was working on the cosmetics counter part-time while attending university. While she loved this work, she realised that for many women, the experience of buying makeup at a department store wasn’t exactly enjoyable. Rather, she realised that they felt intimidated rather than empowered approaching the makeup counters. 

Gina had a chat with Kate before the Christmas break to chat about the birth and growth of Adore Beauty, the sale of a stake of the business to Woolworths and buying it back, and supporting women in the Australian startup space.

Episode Five: Monica Wulff

Monica Wulff is the cofounder and CEO of Startup Muster, the largest annual survey of the Australian startup ecosystem, conducted to showcase the opportunities, progress and challenges. Mat and Gina sat down to chat with Monica after the release of the 2017 survey report, looking at the story behind stats such as the percentage of foreign-born founders, female founders, and where the Australian startup ecosystem is headed in 2018.

Episode Four: Benjamin Chong

Benjamin Chong has been building and investing in online businesses for 15 years now, and currently, holds a whole host of jobs. Among them, he is the cofounder and partner at Right Click Capital, and also the director of the Founder Institute. Ben sits down with Gina to talk about breaking through the glass ceiling of the Australian tech ecosystem and recounts what it was like to start a business within the dial-up era as well as the relationship between investors and founders.

Episode Three: Cyan Ta’eed

Cyan Ta’eed is the cofounder of Envato one of Australia’s most successful tech companies. Envato has over 7 million members and is more profitable than the likes of Atlassian and Campaign Monitor. Cyan sits down with Gina in this episode to talk about breaking through the glass ceiling of the Australian tech ecosystem and reflects on what it has taken to build one of the worlds most successful digital companies. They also look at Cyan’s new venture centred around artisanal chocolate.

Episode Two: Julie Demsey

In this episode James sits down and talks with Julie Demsey, General Manager of Springboard Enterprises in Australia.  Making the move after almost two decades of working in Silicon Valley she now dedicates her days helping female-founded startups in Australia build successful startups. Julie talks about the importance of developing the right culture in a startup, leading high performing teams and why founders should aim to have a sustainable business.

Episode One: Kara Frederick

In the premiere episode of Glass Ceiling Gina sits down with venture capitalist Kara Frederick, a Silicon Valley native who has spent her career at the intersection of innovation and technology. Among others, she has worked at Goldman Sachs and with Growthpoint Technology Partners, and joined investment firm Reinventure Group as its first General Partner back in March.


The Podcast.

Glass Ceiling is a new podcast from the team at Startup Daily, looking to tackle the issues around diversity in the startup ecosystem in a way that inspires and educates the leaders of tomorrow.

Hosts Gina and Mat explore everything from venture capital to gaming during their in-depth conversations with a range of guests kicking goals across the industry.

The Hosts.

Gina Baldassarre has a habit of abbreviating every word in the english dictionary. That last sentence was not an exaggeration – we are considering a TLC reality show style intervention. Gina is the Head of Content at Startup Daily.

Mat Beeche once auditioned for the role of the red power ranger. That has nothing to do with this podcast but he just likes people to know that fact about him. Mat also is the founder of Startup Daily.

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