There will be plenty of chances for attendees to get ‘hands on’ at the 2016 Pause Festival. There will be activities where people can show their skills, meet new collaborators, and learn new things by doing.

Those with General Assembly, The Foundry, Yoke, and Spendlove and Lamb are just a few of the sessions to feature such activities.

Attending the event for the first time this year will be Tania Sheward, a renowned producer and director within the Australian creative scene. Sheward moved over from London to Melbourne permanently in January 2012 after travelling around the world with her husband.

“While on our travels, we came to check out Melbourne and Sydney as potential cities to move to, and I had no doubt that Melbourne was the place for me,” she says. “Melbourne has a creative vibe to rival London and I love the city’s cultural depth – digging a little bit deeper uncovers exciting hidden gems. Anyone who’s wandered off down a laneway and found themselves at an interesting doorway will know what I’m talking about.”

Sheward had enjoyed a very successful career as a broadcast journalist at the BBC before moving to Melbourne. Sheward says that she started her career there with a baptism of fire, producing live TV news for the News Channel, the company’s 24 hour rolling news channel.

“I was lucky enough to find new opportunities within BBC News every couple of years,” says Sheward. “I wrote for the BBC News website, got to play with the latest gadgets as a Producer on BBC Click [a tech tv show on BBC World News], was the Multi-Platform producer for the world’s oldest investigative TV news program BBC Panorama [like Four Corners], and produced daily TV news shows Impact and The Hub, also on BBC World News. I loved the unpredictability of each day – the worst days were the slow ones.”

Sheward was also pivotal in building the @BBCClick twitter presence up to 2 million plus followers, with the rules around social media that she and her team put in place later used to write the entire BBC’s official social media guidelines.

Sheward will be teaching a workshop called The Explainer Video Explained with Megan Davis from Spendlove and Lamb at next month’s Pause Fest.

“We are teaching how to create an authentic story around your business or project and then produce this narrative visually using tools at your fingertips – a smartphone and apps,” says Sheward. “I see too many well-produced videos out there that leave me asking ‘What was that all about?’. Impressive as professionally-shot footage and animation might be, without an engaging narrative that the audience connects to, the video fails to deliver.”

“The workshop will empower people who might not have big budgets, but they have ideas / products / services worth letting the world know about. I will teach them the technical skills too – planning for the shoot, practical filming skills and handy apps / gadgets.”

Sheward will also be the moderator and mentor for three speakers at Pause Fest; Finbar O’Hanlon from Linius; Grant Miller from Ingenuity Studio; and Alice Kimberley from Vice Media.

“I am obviously really looking forward to their presentations, and I am especially excited about O’Hanlon’s talk entitled ‘Being an Expert at NOT being an expert: protecting your innovative mind’. I think he will challenge us all to look at the familiar from a fresh perspective – and I personally love anything that challenges the status quo and challenges me to change my perceptions.”

In terms of why she thinks Pause Fest is crucial to the Australian business, technology and creative sectors, Sheward says that it is one of the best opportunities that you will get to learn from others.

“People in different industries come up against the same challenges and by bringing creatives, techies and innovators together in one conference, Pause Fest becomes the catalyst for everyone to learn from each other. Solutions are not confined to the experts who appear on stage and share their knowledge. I am a great believer that anyone can come up with the next big thing, and I see collaboration as essential to getting whatever that thing is off the ground. I am looking forward to trading insights at Pause Fest.”

Tania Sheward’s workshop The Explainer Video Explained is running on Saturday 13th February from 9am1pm. For more details visit the Pause Fest website.

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