Hey there,

I am Mat the founder of Shoe String Media, we manage Startup Daily and its sister platform Silicon Paddock.

As our platforms have grown over the years and our monthly users have increased we have experienced what many other media companies do in regards to fielding enquiries on our numbers and statistics. Over the years we have tried to systemise this process by creating everything from PDF’s to Infographics but the problem with numbers is they tend to change from month to month – combine that with our team here getting busy and the product ends up being stale data.

So we have decided to put everything online in one easy access portal that we can edit and update in a matter of minutes. We have created a master information portal that public relations firms, media agencies and internal marketing teams at tech companies and startups can refer to when they are seeking information on everything from our reach to learning more about the types of partner campaigns we can execute for you.

The world of online advertising has changed. In 2016 our content focused campaigns outperformed the traditional online advertising spots by an average of 60% across the board. We like to work with technology companies and startup brands that want to push boundaries, get results and trust us to help them leverage our audience to do that.

Check out our latest numbers and information on what we can do for you. If it sounds like your target audience then you should have a chat with us.

Mat Beeche.

Startup Daily