Those entrepreneurs that take their decision to launch a business lightly, usually end up as a statistic – referencing to the fact that business building is one of the most daunting tasks a person can undertake.

Launching a company can also be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences a person can go through. That is why we do it. As human beings, it is natural for us to seek the feeling of fulfilment when we put heart, soul, sweat and tears into a project.

With innovation now on the national agenda, it’s not just a very good time to start a business in Australia, it’s a great time – passionate people with big ideas are needed to turn their ideas into sustainable companies that will employ the upcoming generation, disrupt outdated industry processes and of course contribute to our country’s economic growth.

While ‘natural’ talent in anything whether it be in sport, academia or entrepreneurship is bound to get a new business owner so far down the path of their journey – only through the consistent practice of a set of core business focused skills will a founder be able to “train” themselves to be better equipped to deal with any company related challenges when they eventually arrive.

A Free One Day Workshop

This Saturday the 14th of May, education provider The Entourage will be holding a brand new one day workshop that is targeting towards individuals that are preparing to launch their new ventures soon, or have recently done so and are seeking some guidance on what the next steps they should take should be.

The workshop topics set to be addressed at the event will focus on marketing and lead generation, sales, understanding product-market fit as well as crafting your overall vision for what the company looks like as well as its mission.

Speakers on the day include Heather Porter (cofounder Autopilot Your Business), Petar Lackovic (cofounder of the National Sales Academy) Tim Morris (Entrepreneur and Investor) and Jack Delosa (The Entourage Founder and Author).

Tickets to the workshop are free of charge, and you can reserve your spot here,, there is a VIP option available for interested parties that come with some extra swag and bonus content.

The workshop will be taking place at the Powerhouse Museum in the Coles Theatre, located at 500 Harris Street in Ultimo.

For those currently looking into whether or not the new Launch, Grow and Scale programmes are going to be suitable for their needs, this workshop focuses on four of the key modules delivered in the Launch programme. Perhaps a great way to taste test the course before signing up?

Since it’s inception over six years ago now, The Entourage has helped thousands of founders of Australian companies to take their operations to that next level of success via its various events, workshops and training programmes.

We caught up with founder Jack Delosa recently and reflected on the journey so far and asked him to identify some of his favourite Entourage success stories

Book your free ticket to the Craft Your Business Workshop here

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