Amanda Westphal

Prior to launching Prize Pig, Westphal had over 13 years of experience in the promotions space, working within various large media organisations and public relations teams. It is worth noting that in the promotional world, a ‘prize pig’ is the nickname given to an avid media consumer that always enters competitions.

Initially, Westphal launched the business completely offline and it was a very niche PR agency specialising in competitions. However, by October last year, she had made a decision that the future of the company and the answer to scaling the venture was technology.

The platform, which launched in early 2015, connects small businesses that sell products with media, promotion managers and PRs. Essentially the platform allows brands to gain access to the type of media exposure without the large overheads that would normally come with traditional advertising.

Westphal is someone that knows how to hustle in the cut-throat world of media. That is why in just over a year the Prize Pig platform has created over $11 million in media value for Australian small businesses and given away over 800 products as prizes. Not to mention that it now regularly works with media entities such as Channel Ten, Foxtel, MindFood, Mix 104.9, KIIS FM and Southern Cross Austereo Networks.

The platform has been designed to make life easier, automate processes and save time, for not just consumers – the small businesses – but also PR agencies and media companies.

The way Prize Pig makes money is from the small businesses and PR agencies using the platform. For those users, it is a membership site that offers two levels of access: ‘The Piglet’ at $77 per month, and ‘The Porker’ at $347 per month. For media companies, the service is free to use, making it more compelling for them to jump on board and support the cause. Plus, they are also the entity giving thousands of dollars worth of free air-time to the small businesses.

In addition to her growing technology platform, Westphal has also launched PigCast, a weekly podcast full of media and marketing hacks for the small business owner – not to mention a clever marketing tactic itself to attract new customers.

This year Westphal is looking to double every aspect of her business, which has been experiencing steady growth since its launch.

One of the things Amanda credits for contributing to her successful re-engineering of Prize Pig’s offering, is being part of the community of Sydney-based education company The Entourage.

Not only is it a network that supports each other emotionally, within the community there are like minded people who are willing help you with issues you are having in your business, help you out with sales and marketing strategies, or even just give you some good old fashioned feedback on your offering, branding.

Many people have an idea that they would like to pursue but for many, especially those with a specialised skill set in a specific industry, it can daunting to jump into a new venture head first without some sort of support mechanism to help guide you along the way.

The Entourage’s community of entrepreneurs currently sits at over 100,000 individuals across social media, other online assets, and the physical attendees of their courses.

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