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The Entourage has fast become one of Australia’s most popular communities for emerging entrepreneurs. The company focuses on the entrepreneurial journey from Launch through to Build and up to Scale and beyond.

“If someone wants to embark on establishing a business, pursue a passion or achieve a goal they have, they need to understand the process or journey that they need to go through in order to first of all figure out what they want to achieve before they can then create a business around it,” said Tim Morris, Director of Education at The Entourage.

“Then we do the business building, which includes sales, marketing, and all that kind of stuff. That entrepreneurial journey is what we focus on and it’s what we try and structure all of the courses around.”

When The Entourage first launched it introduced a program called Saleable and Scalable (S&S) to its community, the company’s flagship course.

S&S covered the whole entrepreneurial journey end-to-end, and where it worked brilliantly was for people who were fully committed and knew that the idea they started with was going to be the thing that they did for the full year or two years of the course. For those people, the program layout worked perfectly.

However, The Entourage began receiving feedback from some clients who were in situations where they needed more time to achieve certain milestones or they needed to pause and have a break from the course to fix aspects of their business. There were also founders that were too advanced in their business building that perhaps did not get the value out of certain parts of the program

“I got a lot of feedback with members around November and December last year, and held a lot of focus groups, talking to everyone that was in the program, basically, and those were the two key things that came back,” said Morris.

“They said it would be great if we could join this journey at a stage that really fits where we’re at, and also, it would be great if we could do one stage, go away, do a bunch of stuff and then come back and do the next stage later.”

After gathering all the data and feedback, the company decided to do a slight pivot from a product perspective and offer three shorter, more focused programs based around Launching a Business, Building a Business, and Scaling a Business. It has made a huge difference education-wise because facilitators are teaching a more focused group of people that are all at the same stage of business.

Each program goes in-depth and now clients of the company can expect to be working towards goals and milestones in unison with their fellow peers across each particular program, whether that is beginning to craft a vision for a business or trying to determine product-market fit. The feedback has quite obviously been taken on board and actioned by the team at The Entourage and, as a result, course structures across the three new products have changed quite a bit.

“I think it goes back to just how much we obsess about this entrepreneurial journey,” said Morris.

“We’re constantly viewing and analysing these consistent set of steps that every business goes through, asking is the order exactly right? Is this how businesses progress from idea to successful venture? We’re always obsessing on that and that’s how we structure the program, and then we break it down so that people can join at the point that suits their stage of business.”

Although The Entourage is focused on helping all entrepreneurs, a growing number of technology startup founders have been through current and past programs, taking the skills and knowledge gleaned from the growing Entourage community to accelerate their business.

Founders of tech startups across varying industry segments, including Stylerunner, Deal Tap, Prize Pig, Shop My Town, and ASAP Technologies have all either raised capital, increased their sales revenue, or grown their market share from a user perspective after participating in the programs.

“I actually think that maybe technology has gone a little bit too far down that test, validate, pivot route and has not put enough emphasis on the question, what’s the ultimate thing you want to achieve?” said Morris.

“At The Entourage we really put a focus on how you’re going to build a really viable business around this ‘thing’ once you’ve gotten through that product to market fit stage.”

“We put a lot of emphasis on you actually build a business that’s got really good marketing and sales processes and really good systems, and you’re managing and leading people and getting the most out of them so you’ve actually got a proper entity that will continue on.”

The Entourage provide entrepreneurs with courses that help them reach their business goals faster than ever before. Check out their new Launch, Build and Scale programs here.

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