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How to start a rural-based company in the new digital economy

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Length: 2 hours Skill level: Anybody

There has never been a better time for innovators, inventors, artists,  and entrepreneurs across regional Australia to step up out of their comfort zone and into the limelight and say out loud and proud that yes they are a startup and yes they’re based in a rural Australia.

Technology is finally trumping the tyranny of distance across the nation, making us more connected in both business and life. This business bootcamp is for anybody looking to take their first steps into being a business operator in the digital economy.


Tutorial 01 : The Power of Storytelling

Tutorial 02 : Problems and Solutions

Tutorial 03 : Researching your Industry

Tutorial 04 : Choosing a Business Model

Tutorial 05 : Be seen in a crowded room

Tutorial 06 : A Minimal Viable Product

Tutorial 07 : Pitch Deck Perfect

Tutorial 08 : Presenting to an Audience

Tutorial 09 : Honesty is the Best Policy

Tutorial 10 : How to handle the Media

Bonus Commentary : The Regional Australian Opportunity


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